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We would like to give you a brief note on our genesis, to begin with: We have been in the business of Plumbing since over 5 decades; with vast experience to our credit as Installers, Designers and Engineering Auditors providing solutions to rectify errors due to design and/or installations. We are a family of Engineers and have the honor of designing and installing the first Hydropnematic system in the early 1960’s*, the first commercial single stack drainage system*, the very 1st commercially used hydropneumatic system in plumbing with VFD* in a Hotel project etc.

About a decade back we ventured out to associate ourselves with some of the leading system solution providers in Drainage venting, RW syphonic systems and Vacuum drainage from UK and Europe, during the same time we also associated ourselves with some of the leading Plumbing product manufacturers in UK, Europe etc. as distributors for providing materials in Drainage, Water supply, Traps and Plumbing bits (shower channels, tile inserts, cisterns etc.) under one roof with one aim .i.e. “UPGRADING PLUMBING” in sync with International standards.

Our search for the BEST materials started with the requirement of providing better material solutions at the same time being installation friendly since trained craftsmen in India are no longer available in required numbers.

Using materials which have ANY possibility of failure due to even the very remotest reason was totally unacceptable to us hence we partnered with companies having materials and systems which are complete within its range of products, require no mix-match, cannot fail under the most adverse situations and can be installed by any ordinary plumber.

After meeting various companies in Europe/USA/UK/China etc., we finally associated** with companies offering the below mentioned products:

For Drainage: POLOPLAST – A 100% leak proof drainage piping solution, a noise insulated*** piping system with noise decibels between 16 dB to 22 dB. Any sound above 23 dB is audible to human ear - POLOPLAST is certified @ 22dBA @ design flow rate of 4 l/s with Bismat 2000 clamps and 16dBA with Bismat 1000 clamps (specialised highly acoustic clamps).

Doubling of acoustic power (sound intensity) level corresponds to a calculated level change of 3 db. At Sound levels of app. 15-30 dB, an increase or reduction by 3-5 dB leads to twice or half the sound impact, which means that increase in noise level to 1 unit, can correspond to 3 units in intensity.

Poloplast has higher impact strength even at -20 degree C and hence are stronger when compared to our global competitors, coefficient of linear expansion is 0, 05 mm/m°K (OFI test report Nr. 47 .423) specific density of Poloplast is 1.25 gms/cm3, which means that Poloplast has achieved better sound insulation properties while keeping the pipe lighter in weight due to better plastic compounding; thicker the pipe, it is more vulnerable to bending in time. The pipes can withstand high temperature and low temperature from -20C to +97C, can withstand stress caused due to thermal shock, POLOPLAST pipes are blessed with high impact strength and hence can withstand high impact, the pipes do not buckle under negative pressure and are hence approved for use in Syphonic RW systems as well, the pipes do not pull out when installed horizontally due to the 3 dimensional rubber ring technology.

For Water Supply: Main distribution solutions: ML5 POLO ULTRA-V GLASS reinforced 5 layer PPr-80 pipes for pipes with ECOSAN fittings, which have very low coefficient of expansion values .i.e. 0,038 mm/ m°K, pipes can take high temperatures at high pressures, are environmentally friendly, food grade, fittings and joints can take very high stress, system does not fail under adverse situations, pipes upto 63mm are UV protected and hence have a longer life span, the systems are user friendly and can be installed in much lesser time as compared to other solutions available, above all the entire installation is corrosion free under all circumstances for use in plumbing installations.

Internal distribution solutions: PEX PLIABLE The flexible non-corrosive pipe-in pipe solution with manifold for controlling open/shut operation of individual fixture/fitting with very impressive pressure performance graph (½” pipe: at 23 degree C 33.1 bar: at 82.2 degree C 14.8 bar: at 93.3 degree 12.8 bar, ¾” pipe: at 23 degree C 32.7 bar: at 82.2 degree C 14.5 bar: at 93.3 degree 12.4 bar). Installation requires no skilled laborers, reduces water hammer effect, prevents lime build-up due to smooth internal surface and eliminates electrolysis, no deterioration from PH levels. The system requires less fittings and joints, reducing potential for leakages, requires no threading, no cement solution and no electro/butt fusion/welding, the system is user friendly and can be installed in much lesser time as compared to other solutions available

Air Admittance valves from Studor UK; use of which eliminate the requirement of vent pipes (ASP) and the installation guarantees intact water seals thereby eradicating “STINK”, terrace is free of drainage pipes and hence STINK, chimney effect in case of a FIRE is also eradicated.

Traps and pan connectors with seal guards from McAlpine UK ensure that plumbing installations are leak proof and stink free; traps available in 120mm height with 50 mm seal and in 260mm height with 75mm seal, with 19mm seal in 70mm height etc. provide a wide range of design options in different situations.

In case of any clarifications please do call on us, we would be glad to be of service to you.

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*In collaboration with local/international manufacturers / consultants and institution like CBRI Roorkee etc.
** associated as distributors/dealers.
*** refer catalogue for details and installation guidelines.